An award-winning artisan producer of
jam, chutney and marmalade in
Burnopfield, North East England.

Below is the current range of Woodcrest Kitchen preserves.
Please note that this is not an online shop; simply the current library of available products.
Demand for Woodcrest Kitchen products in the North East region is high and it is not currently possible to grow enough produce on the family allotment, or forage for enough fruit locally to meet demand; for this reason, an online shop is not currently available.
However, this shouldn’t be viewed as a negative! When you buy from Woodcrest Kitchen you can be assured of a truly homemade luxury product, something extra special, limited in number and certainly not mass produced.
Products can be purchased through Woodcrest Kitchen’s stockists and at carefully selected market events. Free home delivery is also available local to Burnopfield. If you live further afield and would like to make a purchase, please enquire about mail order via the contact page.