An award-winning artisan producer of
jam, chutney and marmalade in
Burnopfield, North East England.

Woodcrest Kitchen preserves are lovingly homemade using fruit and vegetables
mainly from our allotment and the surplus from other local gardens. Each batch is
prepared by hand and cooked in very small batches for delicious results.

Only the finest ingredients are used in Woodcrest Kitchen’s delicious sweet and savoury preserves.

Most of the fruit and vegetables used are homegrown on the family allotment in Burnopfield, from the surplus from other local gardens, or foraged for locally from the hedgerows of nearby lanes and villages.

The exception is the Woodcrest Kitchen marmalade range; there are few citrus trees in the North East of England! On occasions when fruit and vegetables need to be purchased, Woodcrest Kitchen is proud to support local independent grocers on the high street.